Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund
Lightening burdens and lifting spirits of families caring for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and injuries since 1976.
Our Programs
Financial Assistance

Families in crisis are referred to us by an extensive network of social workers, case managers, and other healthcare professionals within hospitals, medical facilities, social service agencies, and treatment centers.

Although they are often invisible to all but the family, financial side effects of serious childhood illness can be devastating. Your support enables us to provide assistance with expenses not covered by insurance, such as:

  • Utility and phone bills 
  • Mortgage/Rent 
  • Car payments 
  • Transportation costs 
  • Disability needs 
  • Air conditioners for children with severe pulmonary, cardiac, skin, liver, and kidney diseases 
  • Medically necessary dietary supplements, special foods, and formulas 
  • Co-pays 
  • Child care 
  • Funeral expenses

Assistance is paid directly to vendors or creditors to avoid misappropriation of funds. Burial lots located at George Washington Memorial Park, Plymouth Meeting, PA, and Whitemarsh Memorial Park, Horsham, PA, are also available. Please call our office for more information.

Family Fun Days


The annual Spirit of Philadelphia cruise, made possible through the generosity of Entertainment Cruises, Inc., more than 400 parents, patients, and siblings interact and enjoy each others' company while the caring Spirit of Philadelphia crew members volunteer their time to assure a memorable experience for all. Clowns, DJs, Miss Philadelphia, and various entertainment groups add to the fun.

Holiday Adopt-a-Family Program

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Nancy and David Ward Adaptive Assistance Program

This program focuses on the special needs of children with serious physical and mental disabilities. Financial assistance is provided for items like hearing aids, wheelchair adaptations, adaptive learning materials, computers, toys, and handicap-accessible renovations for homes. We also provide assistance for uninsured therapies like horseback riding and swim/water therapy classes, as well as special disease- or disability-related camps, that support the independence, self-esteem and relationship/emotional minds of children with disabilities.

Non Cash Donations

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Peggy's HOPE for Kids

Young people have a fundamental desire to belong – to make a difference.  Promoting belonging shows up as a consistent trait in the research on high-achieving schools.  More and more schools are trying to figure out how to create a more nurturing and more engaged community where both teachers and students have a sense of involvement. Ultimately schools embody an ethic of caring; not just a program or strategy, but a way of relating to students, their families, and one another that conveys compassion, understanding, respect, and interest.  

Inspired by the work of Peggy Dolan, Co-Founder and Chief Storyteller, Peggy’s HOPE for Kids program is about encouraging kids from pre-school to college to HELP OTHERS.  The way we do that is by partnering with schools and creating a school-wide presentation with the simple message that life doesn’t always go according to plan, that we all are part of a larger community and that kids can make a difference in the lives of others. Peggy has a unique talent to connect with students sharing her family’s story and the stories of families helped by the Fund over 40 years.  Peggy and our other storytellers PROMOTE EMPATHY and kids find themselves motivated to pay it forward with their talents in fundraising events like funny feet walks, dodge ball and volleyball tournaments, basketball shoot outs, bowl-a-thons and fashion shows.  

There is a quote on the wall of the office amongst a sea of pictures that was especially selected by Peggy.  It reads, “There is joy in transcending self to serve others.”  Peggy’s HOPE for Kids inspires caring and encourages young people to see what is happening around them and to choose to do things with their talents to create positive change.

If you are interested in partnering with the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund to create a greater sense of community and belonging, please contact us at


The Fund advocates on behalf of families with seriously ill children, serving as a voice for change, understanding, and compassion to creditors, policymakers, insurance companies, and the media. We make direct presentations to businesses, community organizations, schools, and churches highlighting the Fund's mission and the needs of families who care for children with severe illnesses, injuries, or disabilities in order to educate and to initiate partnerships. This activity not only increases financial support, but creates partnerships resulting in volunteer assistance at events, in kind donations or materials, and management support, which ultimately serves the families referred to us for assistance.

Financial Management

During Crisis is a 24-minute empowerment tool that educates parents about available hospital services and the importance of understanding insurance benefits and claims. The video also provides tips on personal family budgeting and medical record keeping. It stresses the importance of good communication and negotiation skills with creditors and addresses the "pride" issue in asking for help. The video is also a valuable sensitivity and educational tool for those new to the healthcare field, whether medical, nursing, or social work students, because it highlights the "other side" of medicine — the effects of serious illness on the family.

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Longwood Gardens - Family Fun Day
From a grateful parent:
"We were very fortunate to spend last Sunday with you on the Kelly Anne Dolan Family Fun Day Cruise. Our daughter just celebrated her second birthday. She has terminal cancer. Her two years have been spent in hospitals, doctors' offices, emergency rooms, on therapy mats and in countless waiting rooms. When we get into the car she assumes we are going to one of these places. What an incredible gift it was to surprise her with a cruise at the end of one long car ride. She didn't know what to make of it, and to be honest neither did we! What we found made a profound impact, a new memory that will stay with us always. It is because of you all that we will be able to look back and relive what was one truly wonderful day. When you have a child with profound special needs you get many stares, many questioning eyes, or worse, nothing at all. One can feel completely invisible in this life. But we felt completely accepted, welcomed, and assisted on the cruise. We felt relaxed. I cannot express enough what a magical state of being that is for us."